Over the Industry Standard Better Hangers Supplier​

Every component of our hangers, including our customized hanger injection molds, are designed, developed, and manufactured strictly within our facilities, ensuring quality control and quick delivery time.

"One Goal, One Focus - Quality Hangers"

Welcome to Over Hangers,we manufacture hangers for many of the world’s most important brands and retailers. Our impressive collection of high quality, durable hangers meet the most demanding brand owners’ needs, including gender, size, material, color, merchandise category, and branding options.

Our Happy Clients!

"Does Over Hangers provide the best one-stop hanger service in the world? I do not know, but to me, they are certainly the best supplier for hangers I have come across so far."
Jason Duncan
Homeware Distributor
"I cooperate with Over Hangers for several years. Their hangers for women are as stylish as the clothes, you'll hang upon them with feeling refined elegance and strength."
Barbara Mcmillan
Brand Owner
"This is not a paid endorsement but if you want to purchase quality hangers for your business, please contact the team at Over Hangers. I benefited a lot. "
Mark Wilson
Homeware Wholesaler